Purpose Statement

The English department commits itself to developing graduates who can read critically and communicate effectively and who understand the changing nature of language.

The department achieves this purpose when its graduates

  • demonstrate an ability to accomplish various purposes through effective communication — oral, written, and electronic— and to help others achieve them;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the histories of literatures and of how those histories evolve;
  • demonstrate an ability to analyze literary texts;
  • demonstrate a knowledge of research tools and strategies, especially in literature, and the critical and ethical use of appropriate documentation; demonstrate knowledge of the structure of English, of the Standard American dialect, of both traditional and modern grammars, and of the nature of language;

English Major


I. Complete the following courses:

EN 230  Linguistics (2 hours)
*EN 250  American Literature I (3 hours)
*G-EN 255  American Literature II (3 hours)
*EN 313  Advanced Expository Writing (3 hours)
EN 335  Advanced English Grammar (2 hours)
EN 340  British Literature I (3 hours)
EN 345  British Literature II (3 hours)
EN 375  Junior Seminar in English (1 hour)
EN 430  History and Structure of English (2 hours)
EN 475  Seminar in English (2 hours)
*G-EN 210  World Literature I, or
*G-EN220  World Literature II (3 hours)

II. Complete 7 elective hours in English. These may include additional hours in English and American literature, as well as the following courses:

G-CM 120  Intro. to Human Communication (3 hours)
CM 305  Editing (3 hours)
*G-EN 210  World Literature I (3-4 hours)
*G-EN 220  World Literature II (3-4 hours)
G-EN 235  Topics in Literature (3 hours) (may be taken more than once if topic differs)
EN 320  Young Adult Literature (2 hours)
EN 350  Theory & Practice of Tutoring Writing (1 hour)
*G-EN 370  Poetry (3-4 hours)
*G-EN 270  Fiction (3-4 hours)
*G-PA 385  Performing Arts History & Literature I or
*G-PA 390  Performing Arts History & Literature II (3 hours)
EN 420  Creative Writing (3 hours)
EN 445  Readings and Research in English (2-4 hours)
*CM 475  Seminar in Communication (2 hours)

III. Complete the following supporting courses

Communication courses (3 hours)
Spanish Level II, or the equivalent in some natural language

Requirements for teaching licensure (6-12) in English

I. Complete the following courses:

EN 230  Linguistics (2 hours)
EN 335  Advanced English Grammar (2 hours)
EN 430  History and Structure of English (2 hours)
EN 320  Young Adult Literature (2 hours)
EN 420  Creative Writing, or
*G-EN 370  Poetry, or
*G-EN 270  Fiction (3 hours)
*G-EN 210  World Literature I, or
*G-EN 220  World Literature II (3 hours)
*EN 250  American Literature I (3 hours)
*G-EN 255  American Literature II (3 hours)
EN 340  British Literature I (3 hours)
EN 345  British Literature II (3 hours)
*EN 313  Advanced Expository Writing (3 hours)
EN 375  Junior Seminar in English (1 hour)
EN 475  Seminar in English (2 hours)

II. Complete the following supporting courses:

Journalism courses (3 hours)
G-ML 109  Spanish Level II, or the equivalent in some natural language
CI 417  Methods for Teaching English and Language Arts in the Secondary School (3 hours)

Other courses required by the Curriculum & Instruction Department for licensure.

Students must take the Praxis II examination: English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge.

Competency Exam

Students who plan to major in English must pass a writing competency exam. This exam will be offered in the spring semester, before pre-enrollment for the fall. Transfer students will take the exam early in their first semester at the college. Students who fail the exam may re-take it after participating in guided study and practice of writing.

English As a Second Language (6-12) Endorsement


Same professional education requirements as for 7-12 endorsement in other fields, plus:

G-CI 333  Intercultural Education Seminar (2 hours)
EN 230  Linguistics (2 hours)
EN 335  Advanced English Grammar (2 hours)
G-SO 202  Minorities in the U.S. (3-4 hours)
CI 428  Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language (3 hours)
CI 475  Student Teaching/Practicum (6-12 hours)
CI 476  Professional Seminar in Education (2 hours)

Student teaching/practicum is to include ESL experience; for those already certified, student teaching/practicum is four credit hours.

Note: Non-native speakers of English must contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction regarding proficiency requirements.

English Minor

A minor in English consists of 20 hours of English courses chosen from the list of courses in the English major and must include courses in both literature and writing. G-EN 110 and G-EN 111 do not count as part of the 20 hours for the minor.