G-PR 101 Introduction to Hebrew Bible

4 hours
A survey of the history, literature and religion of ancient Israel, using selected portions of the Hebrew Bible as primary sources. The course introduces students to the methods and results of modern critical scholarship and encourages the development of biblical study skills by the student. (Fall)

G-PR 102 Introduction to New Testament

3-4 hours (Language Intensive)
A survey of the history, literature, and religious thought of early Christianity, using the Christian Bible as a primary source. The course introduces students to the methods and results of modern critical scholarship and encourages the development of biblical study skills by the student. (Spring)

G-PR 104 Ethics

3-4 hours (Language Intensive)
Intended to enable the student to think critically about the moral aspects of human behavior. Traditional ethical systems as well as contemporary solutions to personal and societal problems will be examined. Particular attention will be focused on Christian ethics and the modern environment within which we make our moral decisions. (Fall)

G-PR 201 Introduction to Philosophy

4 hours
An introduction to the nature of philosophical thinking and to the history of Western thought. Students will be encouraged to develop their own personal philosophies of life. (Fall, Spring)

G-PR 202 History of Christianity

3-4 hours
A systematic summary of basic themes of the Christian faith and a brief survey of the history of the church, the development of theology, ethics, and sectarian movements. (Fall)

G-PR 203 Science and Religion

3 hours
Science and religion are typically perceived to be in conflict with each other, especially about the origin and history of the universe and of life on Earth, as well as about the meaning of our place in the cosmos. This course critically evaluates that claim and considers how the two can both contribute to our understanding of all that exists.

G-PS 215 Global Peace Studies

3 hours
An analysis of the problem of international conflict. This course studies the economic, political, and ideological causes of international violence, and the mechanisms used to mediate and resolve conflicts. Prerequisite: G-EN 110 and G-EN 111 or recommendation of the instructor. (Spring, odd years)

PR 303 Readings in Theology/Philosophy

2-4 hours
In recent years, this course has been designed around the topic of thanatology: examining origin of death cultural mythologies, psychological stages of dying, interpretations of near death experiences, organ-tissue donations, world funeral practices, and beliefs of life after death in the world’s major faiths. (Spring)

PR 304 Brethren History and Thought

2 hours
A study of the origin and history of the Church of the Brethren including a treatment of traditional beliefs and practices and the major contemporary issues confronting the church. (Selected years)

PY/SO 308 Counseling

3 hours
A study of the theory and practice of counseling, including a survey of the various systems of psychotherapy (person-centered therapy, psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc.) and learning, through role- play, of skills needed to be a helper.

HI 311 Ancient Mediterranean World

3 hours
A study of political, social, and cultural development of the ancient Greeks and Romans and their contributions to western civilization. (Spring odd years)

G-PR 401 World Religions

4 hours
A critical survey of the major religions of the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and others in an attempt to understand the distinctive character of each and their possible contributions to our own thought. (Spring)

PY 405 Personality Theories

3 hours
Personality is the field within psychology that specializes in how individuals think, feel, and behave, with an emphasis on the person as a whole. The course covers the five basic approaches to personality: the trait approach, the biological approach, the psychoanalytic approach, the phenomenological approach, and the behaviorist/learning theory/cognitive approach. Junior or senior standing or permission of the instructor required.

PR 375 Junior Seminar

1 hour
Religion/philosophy majors during their junior year are required to either research a professional vocation related to the discipline or research the various historical trends in Christian theology.

PR 475 Senior Research Project

2-4 hours
Religion majors during the senior year are required to do a research project, with the topic approved by the department.


Individualized Courses Available

295/495 Field Experience (1-4 hours)
299/499 Independent Study (1-4 hours)
388 Career Connections (1-12 hours)
445 Readings & Research (1-4 hours)