Associated Colleges of Central Kansas

Through McPherson College’s affiliation with the Associated Colleges of Central Kansas (ACCK), students can benefit from expanded departmental offerings and special programs at any of the consortium’s member colleges.

A library exchange through interlibrary loan makes books and periodicals from any of the colleges available to students (information on the library holdings of the other ACCK colleges is available through the computerized Kansas Library Catalog in the McPherson College library).

Five of the ACCK colleges participate in the January Interterm program, so that students may take a course at another consortium college or may take advantage of field experiences and educational tours in such places as the Middle East, Central America, New York, France, or England.

A limited budget for travel reimbursement is available for individual students who are required by their major department to travel to another ACCK campus for a required course in the major. (Reimbursement does not apply when the course is regularly offered on the McPherson College campus or when the student has not been continuously enrolled as a full-time student.) The institution does not provide a vehicle to the student for ACCK travel. Inquiries about reimbursement for student travel to ACCK courses should be directed to Academic Affairs office.