McPherson College’s Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program in Business Management is a non-traditional program designed to accommodate working adults. Classes meet one evening per week and are five weeks in duration. Students may enroll at any time during the year and start at the next available class.

The requirement to enter this non-traditional program is a minimum of 48 hours of college credit and work experience. It is preferred that students have, or are working towards, an associate’s degree to fulfill McPherson College’s general education requirements.

Students may transfer as many as 80 semester hours of credit from a community or junior college. Only academic work from accredited institutions in which a grade of C or better has been earned will be accepted. Credit accepted for transfer to McPherson College will count as hours earned. Hours attempted and grade points achieved will not be transferred. Consequently, a student’s grade point average will be dependent upon courses attempted at McPherson College. Credit may also be earned through training at a student’s place of employment while enrolled in the Degree Completion program.

Students who transfer to McPherson College during the 2016-2017 academic year will be expected to complete the general education requirements as outlined in this catalog. Transfer students holding an associate of arts or associate of science degree may be admitted with all earned credits transferring and with general education distribution requirements met. Please refer to the General Education section in this catalog.

Bachelor’s Degree Completion students may not take regular undergraduate courses while enrolled in the Degree Completion program. However, upon completion of the program, graduates may take regular undergraduate courses to earn an emphasis in accounting, finance or marketing. They will be allowed to enroll for such courses at the Degree Completion tuition rate rather than the part-time undergraduate rate.

For more information about applying for the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program, visit, or see the admissions requirements elsewhere in this catalog.