Regular Charges and Fees for 2017-2018

Tuition $ 27,077
Fees $ 746
Room Standard Double Room $ 3,528 (Dotzour, Bittinger, Morrison, and Metzler)
Harter Apts $ 4,830 (junior/senior status, 3.0 GPA)
Baer Apts $ 4,830 (junior/senior status, 3.0 GPA)
Terra Nova Luxury Apartments $ 8,000 (senior status, 3.25 GPA)
Lakeside Apartments $ 4,830 (junior/senior status, 3.0 GPA)
Deerfield, Lakeside Duplex, or Baer house $ 4,830 (junior/senior status, 3.0 GPA)
Board 19-meal (305 block) $ 4,783 (required for all first-time freshmen)
14-meal (224 block) $ 4,482
10-meal (160 block) $ 3,000
Total Charges Standard $36,134


Tuition – Full Time
$ 27,077
Includes twelve (12) to sixteen (16) hours for fall and spring term and four (4) hours in interterm.
Students must be enrolled full-time to receive institutional financial aid.  Excess hours over sixteen (16) hours: $ 250 per hour

Tuition – Part Time
1-7 hours: $ 430 per hour
8 to 11 hours: $ 750 per hour

Tuition – Summer School
Undergraduate: $ 430 per hour
ACCK Courses: $ 300 per hour

Double Room: (see above)
McPherson College is a residential college. All unmarried students age 23 and under not living with their parents live in residence halls.
e rooms at an additional $800/semester to the double room charge. Based on availability.

305 block: $ 4,783 (required for all first-time freshmen)
224 block: $ 4,482
160 block: $ 3,000 (required for all off-campus athletes and Baer students)

General Fee
$ 746
The general fee is assessed to all full-time students to assist in covering the costs associated with student activities, computer support, student life, athletics, and Student Government Association.

Student Insurance
To be determined. Proof of Insurance is needed for student athletes and international students.

Part-Time Fee
3-7 hours: $ 30 per term
8-11 hours: $ 50 per term

Graduate Tuition
McPherson students: $ 375 per hour
Milwaukee students: $ 460 3 credit course, $ 175 1 credit course

Special Charges and Fees

Enrollment Deposit: $ 150/$ 250 for Automotive Restoration. $ 100/$ 200 is applied to the student account.
Deposit is refundable before May 1.

Athletic Fee
$ 630

Late Payment Arrangement: $ 100 after August 1
Each change of schedule: $ 50 (drop and add after the first two (2) weeks of term)
Official Transcript: $ 8+ processing fee to National Student Clearinghouse
Returned Check Charge: $ 30

Special Classes
Auditing Courses, per hour: $ 50
Senior Citizen Audit Fee: $ 25
The Vice President for Academic Affairs determines which courses may be audited. Restoration technology, studio art classes, and private music lessons may not be audited. Permission to audit is granted on a space available basis.
Private Music Lessons: $ 150 per semester hour in addition to regular tuition

Piano rental for Class Piano: $ 50
Instrument Rental: $ 50 per instrument
Student Teaching: $ 125 per semester
Auto Restoration Fee: $ 65 per class ($ 90 for TE152 Sheet Metal)
Maximum for Auto Restoration per semester: $ 260

Individual & Dual Sport I & II Fee: $ 25 per class
Scientific Writing for Behavioral Sciences Fee: $ 20 per class


Studio Art Courses

G-AR 101 Drawing I: $ 125
AR 210 Drawing II
: $ 125
G-AR 102 Painting I
: $ 125
AR 202 Painting II
: $ 125
G-AR 131 Ceramics 1
: $ 125
AR 231 Ceramics II
: $ 125
AR 103 Elementary Design
: $ 125
AR 315 Metalsmithing
: $ 125
G-AR 350 Sculpture I
: $ 125
AR 355 Sculpture II
: $ 125
AR 203 Photography I
: $ 225
AR 303 Photography II
: $ 225
AR 333 Commercial Photography I
: $ 225
AR 363 Commercial Photography II
: $ 225
AR 403 Photography Portfolio Development
: $ 225
AR 425 Concentrated Studies: $ 125
AR 475A Senior Concentration
: $ 125

Graphic Design Courses

AR 130 Design Software: $ 225
AR 205 Multi-Media Software
: $ 225
AR 230 Graphic Design I
: $ 225
AR 235 Graphic Design II
: $ 225
AR 320 Typography & Logo Branding:
$ 225
AR 330 Graphic Design III:
$ 225
AR 475G Graphic Design IV
$ 225
AR 335 Interactive Software
$ 225
AR 470 Graphic Design Senior Show
$ 225

Art History Courses

Art History I: $ 100
Art History II
: $ 100
Contemporary Design
: $ 25


Graduation Fee-undergraduate: $ 75
Graduation Fee-graduate: $ 100

Athletic Fee


Billing and Payment Policies

McPherson College expects the student to be financially responsible. All student accounts are in the student’s name regardless of who makes payment on the account.


Students may view their account statement on Bulldog Connect. The first charges for the fall semester will be available in July. The spring charges will be available in late November. These initial statements list tuition and applicable fees, room and board for residential students as well as estimated financial aid, payments, and the estimated balance due. Activity after the initial account statement is created may affect the amount you are responsible to pay. Such activity could include adding/dropping courses, bookstore charges, changes to room and board, and/or changes to your financial aid package.

Email communications to the student’s McPherson College email address are sent letting them know when their account statement is available. However, students are strongly encouraged to stay informed on a regular basis by accessing their account on Bulldog Connect at any time throughout the year.

Financial Aid

The Business Office will recognize credit on the student’s account balance for posted federal financial aid and issue a credit refund check within fourteen days from the posting date in accordance with Department of Education rules. For other non-federal aid, the following circumstances apply:

Institutional/Merit Awards: Credit will be recognized when the award is posted to the student account.

Outside Scholarships: Awards from outside sources will not appear on the student’s account statement until McPherson College receives the funds and the aid is posted to the student account.

Alternative Loans: Credit will be recognized when loan funds are made available to the college and the loan is posted to the student account.

Federal Work Study: Although Work Study may be part of your financial aid package, it is not a guarantee of employment and will not be deducted from your student account. Arrangement may be made in the Business Office to direct future wages to be applied directly to the student account.

Monthly Payment Plan

If a large annual or semester payment is not possible, McPherson College requires students to set up a budget plan through Tuition Management Services (TMS). For a small enrollment fee ($67 per year) families can budget convenient, interest-free monthly payments beginning August 15. Further information can be found at An exception to this policy would require individual arrangements made directly with the Business Office.


You are responsible for payment in full of your student account balance minus estimated financial aid. The payments are due as billed unless noted otherwise. The fall semester bill is due on August 15, 2017 and the spring semester bill is due on January 15, 2018. While McPherson Colleges encourages payment in full by the end of the semester, you are allowed to carry over $1,500 of unpaid expenses from the previous semester to the current semester. A larger carry over may be allowed only under specific arrangement with the Business Office.

Checks should be made payable to McPherson College, and payments should be mailed to McPherson College, Attn: Business Office, PO Box 1402, McPherson, KS 67460. Cash payments are accepted in person in the Business Office. Credit card payments can be made online or over the telephone. For online payments please log into Bulldog Connect to view your account and click on Make a Payment. If you have questions, please contact the Business Office at 620-242-0450 or 620-242-0459.

The college reserves the right to withhold official academic transcripts if the student fails to pay tuition in full, for default on a federal education debt, or failure to repay a federal education grant over-payment. The only exception to this policy would be in the event of debt discharged by a bankruptcy court.

The college will provide on unofficial copy of an academic transcript at the student’s request. It will be marked with the word “UNOFFICIAL.”

After the first two weeks of the semester, full-time students who choose to drop classes and therefore become part-time will not receive a refund or reduction in charges or financial aid. It is possible that a student who withdraws during the refund period will still have an outstanding balance due the college.


Failure to pay the balance on the student’s account by the due date places the student on a restricted enrollment status, or HOLD. Students on HOLD will not be allowed to register for classes, confirm existing pre-registrations, obtain transcripts or receive other non-essential services until their accounts are brought current. Please contact the Business Office at 620-242-0450 or 620-242-0459 for assistance with HOLD resolutions.

Late Fees

A late fee charge of $100 will be assessed on semester balances remaining unpaid 10 days after the semester due date.


Students who receive Title IV funds and who withdraw before completing 60 percent of the semester will be required to return unearned Title IV funds in accordance with federal regulations. The same refund policy applies to institutional, state, and outside aid. The percentage of the semester that the student completes is determined by dividing the number of days the student attended by the number of days in the semester. Calendar days are used, but breaks of at least five calendar days are excluded. Tuition, fees, room and board charges will be pro-rated at the same rate. There will be no refunds given after the ninth week of the semester. Bookstore charges, fines, and other personal costs are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.

After the first two weeks of the semester, full-time students who choose to drop classes and therefore become part-time will not receive a refund or reduction in charges or financial aid. It is possible that a student who withdraws during the refund period will still have an outstanding balance due the college.