Opportunities to live and study outside the United States are available to McPherson College students. One of the programs many students take advantage of is the BCA program. McPherson College cooperates with Bridgewater College (Va.), Elizabethtown College (Penn.), Juniata College (Penn.), Manchester College (Ind.), and the University of LaVerne (Calif.) in the BCA program, which offers a year or semester of study for qualified college students at the following locations:

Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Brussels, Belgium
Cheltenham, England
Cochin, India
Dalian, China
Derry, Northern Ireland
Dunedin, New Zealand
Galway, Ireland
Marburg, Germany
Nancy, France
Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Quito, Ecuador
Sapporo, Japan
Strasbourg, France
Sydney, Australia
Szombathely, Hungary
Xalapa, Mexico

One-semester programs (both fall and spring) for sophomores, juniors or seniors are offered at all the above locations, with the exception of Marburg, Germany, which has no sophomore program.