Purpose Statement

The mission of the communication department is to prepare competent communicators by providing students a foundation in communication theory and practice that will enhance their personal, civic, and professional lives.

Students who complete the communication major can expect to develop

  • the ability to express audience-centered messages clearly in both speaking and writing.
  • confidence and competence in speaking encounters whether for public presentations or for building interpersonal and professional relationships.
  • strategies for overcoming communication barriers.
  • media literacy including knowledge about how media are created and how media affect how we communicate.

Students who complete the digital media major with the communication emphasis will develop competence in

  • the ability to express audience-centered messages clearly in both speaking and writing.
  • obtaining still images, audio, and video, and combining these media with text to tell stories effectively.
  • designing, laying out, and publishing content online and in print.
  • media literacy including knowledge about how media are created and how media affect how we communicate.

Communication Major

G-CM 120  Introduction to Human Communication (3 hours)
*G-CM 130 Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)
CM 135  Media Writing (3 hours)
G-CM 140  Public Speaking (3 hours)
CM 210  Multimedia Storytelling (3 hours)
G-AR 220  Graphic Design for non-art majors (3 hours)
*G-CM 221  Intercultural Communication (3 hours)
G-MA 221  Elementary Applied Statistics (4 hours)
CM 240  Gender Communication (3 hours)
CM 305  Editing (3 hours)
CM 310  Public Relations (3 hours)
*EN 313  Advanced Expository Writing (3 hours)
CM 315  Communication Practica (2 hours)
CM 325  Conflict Communication (3 hours)
CM 330  Persuasion and Social Influence (3 hours)
CM 350  Web Design I (3 hours)
CM 375  Junior Seminar in Communication (1 hour)
*CM 475A  Senior Seminar in Communication Research (2 hours)
*CM 475B Senior Project in Communication (1 hour)

Total: 52 hours

Digital Media Major

All students completing the digital media major must complete the core courses (25 credit hours). They will then elect to complete the courses in either the communication or the visual design emphasis.

Core Courses
AR 130
Design Software (2 hours)
AR 205 Multimedia Software (2 hours)
AR 230 Graphic Design I (3 hours)
CM 330 Persuasion and Social Influence (3 hours)
AR 335 Moving Image Software (3 hours)
CM 350/AR 340 Web Design I (3 hours)
CM 360 Videography I (3 hours)
CM 440/AR 450 Web Design II (3 hours)
CM 410 Videography II (3 hours)

Total: 25 hours

Choose one area of emphasis:

Communication Emphasis
G-CM 120
Introduction to Human Communications (3 hours)
CM 135 Media Writing (3 hours)
CM 210 Multimedia Storytelling I (3 hours)
G-CM 221 Intercultural Communication (3 hours)
CM 305 Editing (3 hours)
EN 315 Expository Writing (3 hours)
CM 315 Communication Practica (2 hours)
CM 310 Public Relations and Social Media Campaign (3 hours)
CM 375 Junior Seminar (1 hour)
CM 475A Senior Seminar in Communication Research (2 hours)
CM 475B Senior Project in Communication (1 hour)

Total: 27 hours


Visual Design Emphasis
AR 103
Elementary Design (3 hours)
AR 203 Photography I (2 hours)
AR 235 Graphic Design II (3 hours)
AR 260 UX/UI Prototyping (2 hours)
AR 265 UX/UI Application (2 hours)
AR 303 Photography II (3 hours)
AR 320 Typography/Logo Branding (2 hours)
AR 330 Graphic Design III (3 hours)
AR 333 Commercial Photography I (3 hours)
AR 475G Graphic Design IV (3 hours)
AR 470 Graphic Design Senior Show (1 hour)

Total: 27 hours

Suggested Supporting Courses for either emphasis
BA 221
BA 322 Advertising and Promotion
BA 327 Consumer Behavior
BA 427 Marketing Research
ET 101 Creativity and Innovation

Competency Exam

Students who plan to major in communication, or the communication emphasis of the digital media major, must pass a writing competency exam. This exam will be offered in the spring semester, before pre-enrollment for the fall. Transfer students will take the exam early in their first semester at the college. Students who fail the exam may re-take it after participating in guided study and practice of writing.

Communication Minor

A minor in communication consists of G-CM 120 Introduction to Human Communication (3 hours), and any other 17 hours of communication courses.  Communication practica may make up no more than four hours of coursework in the minor.