Purpose Statement

The department commits itself to fostering students’ learning so that they are prepared for professional pursuits and/or graduate study.

The department achieves this purpose when its graduates can

  • demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and application of the principles, concepts, and tools in each key content area of their major;
  • perform research, analysis, and critical thinking necessary to integrate key content from various business disciplines and other dimensions of society;
  • perform effectively in groups;
  • persuasively communicate business-related ideas in a variety of media and settings.
  • develop a global mindset recognizing the diversity of cultures, practices, traditions, and philosophies. Be able to adapt to a changing world.

One major and two interdisciplinary majors are available within the Department of Business Administration. Within the Business Administration major, there are four emphasis areas, and a student must choose at least one area in which to concentrate their study: Management, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting.

Core Requirements for all Business Majors: 37 hours

G-BA 130 Principles of Business Management (3 hours)
EC 201 Principles of Economics: Macro (3 hours)
EC 204 Principles of Economics: Micro (3 hours)
AC 205 Financial Accounting (3 hours)
AC 206 Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
*G-CM 218 Business and Professional Communication (3 hours)
G-BA 220 Business Applied Statistics (4 hours)
BA 221 Marketing (3 hours)
BA 315 Business Law (3 hours)
BA/AC 320 Management/Accounting Information Systems (3 hours)
BA 325 Financial Management (3 hours)
*BA 475 Business Strategy and Policy (3 hours)

Accounting Emphasis

AC 305 Intermediate Accounting I (3 hours)
AC 306 Intermediate Accounting II (3 hours)
AC 315 Cost Accounting (3 hours)
AC 316 Individual Income Tax (3 hours)
AC 437 Principles of Auditing (3 hours)

Hours in ACCOUNTING: 15 hours
Business Elective Hours: 6 hours
37 Core + 15 ACCOUNTING + 6 Elective = 58 total hours

Management Emphasis

BA 324 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
BA 339 Human Resource Management (3 hours)
BA 342 International Business (3 hours)
BA 490 Operations Management (3 hours)

Hours in MANAGEMENT: 12 hours
Business Elective Hours: 9 hours
37 Core + 12 MANAGMENT + 9 Elective = 58 total hours

Finance Emphasis

AC 305 Intermediate Accounting I (3 hours)
BA 451 Money and Banking (3 hours)
BA 426 Financial Analysis (3 hours)
BA 428 Investments (3 hours)

Hours in FINANCE: 12 hours
Business Elective Hours: 9 hours
37 Core + 12 FINANCE + 9 Elective = 58 total hours

Marketing Emphasis

BA 322 Advertising and Promotion (3 hours)
BA 327 Consumer Behavior (3 hours)
BA 342 International Business (3 hours)
BA 427 Marketing Research (3 hours)

Hours in Marketing: 12 hours
Business Elective Hours: 9 hours
37 Core + 12 MARKETING + 9 Elective =58 total hours

Departmental Minor

Business Administration Minor: 21 total hours

G-BA 130 Principles of Business Management (3 hours)
AC 202 Survey of Accounting (3 hours)
EC 202 Survey of Economics (3 hours)
*G-CM 218 Business and Professional Communication (3 hours)
BA 221 Marketing (3 hours)
BA 315 Business Law (3 hours)
BA 325 Financial Management (3 hours)


Other Business Emphases

In addition to the prescribed majors outlined above, there are other ways in which a student may seek a major within this department.

Technology Major: Automotive Restoration Management

The goal of the Automotive Restoration Management emphasis is to develop graduates who are prepared for professional pursuits and/or graduate study.

Art Major: Graphic Design Marketing

Student-Designed Majors

McPherson College offers students the opportunity to create their own major courses of study. Proposals for such majors must be approved by the Educational Policies Committee and must satisfy criteria for acceptable levels of academic rigor and integrity. The student-designed major section of this catalog provides more information. Students have successfully proposed such personalized programs in business-related areas such as Music Business.

CPA Study

Students who are currently interested in sitting for the CPA (Certified Public Accountants) exam must meet the requirements as determined by the State Board of Accountancy. One of the requirements to sit for the CPA exam is 150 hours of college credit. McPherson College advises students pursuing a career in public accounting to complete their undergraduate degree at McPherson College and then complete a master’s degree in business or accounting. For additional information, contact the chair of the business department.