This catalog explains the academic programs, the graduation requirements, the academic policies, and the academic services in effect at McPherson College as of July, 2024. Unless a student requests and is permitted to graduate under a subsequent catalog, the requirements and policies in this catalog shall govern the satisfactory academic progress and eligibility for graduation for all students entering McPherson College during Academic Year 2024-25.

This catalog does not constitute a contract between a student and McPherson College either expressed or implied. McPherson College reserves the right at any time to correct incidental errors or misstatements of policy or program requirements in order to align this catalog with the institution’s or faculty’s original intent. While the administration and faculty of McPherson College believe the academic programs described in this catalog are valuable and the instruction offered effectively delivered by qualified faculty, the ultimate responsibility for results such as achievement, employment, professional licensing, or other measure, lies with student. Likewise, students are ultimately responsible for knowing and fulfilling all the requirements of their academic programs. (See “Student Responsibility for Academic Progress” in the Other Academic Policies section.)