Notification of Admission

Notification of acceptance is given in writing, usually within one week of completion of the application process.

Students may be admitted based on partial high school (6th or 7th semester) or college transcripts and exam score reports. However, students must provide FINAL OFFICIAL copies of all academic documentation prior to the first day of classes:

  • High School Transcript – Must include official seal or signature and be sent to McPherson College directly from your school. Transcript should include graduation date and cumulative GPA.
  • College/University Transcript – Must include official seal or signature, include grades for final semester of attendance and be sent directly from the college/ university to McPherson College.
  • ACT/SAT Score Reports – Must be sent directly from ACT or the College Board to McPherson College OR have the official ACT/SAT score reported on the official high school transcript.

Students will receive regular reminders from the Office of Admissions identifying information needed to complete the admissions and financial aid record.

Students who are admitted through the conditional admissions process (see below) may receive conditions of enrollment with the acceptance letter. Restrictions for conditionally admitted students continue through the first semester of enrollment. At the completion of the first full semester, the student’s academic progress will be evaluated.

Provisional Acceptance

Transfer Students may be provisionally accepted for admission with submission of an unofficial transcript. This allows transfer students to avoid the cost of requesting an official transcript before the completion of their final term. Provisional Acceptance allows the student to continue through the admissions process.  Provisionally accepted students can deposit and secure their housing and enrollment as well as receive their financial aid package.  Provisional Acceptance must be resolved by August 1 for the fall semester applicant and January 15 for the spring semester applicant. Students that remain at Provisional Acceptance will be taken out of the next term course(s)/or not allowed to enroll in the subsequent term if final official transcripts are not received before the 20th day of classes.

Here are the guidelines for provisionally accepting transfer students:

  • Unofficial transcripts must include the institution name, student name, and all courses (pass/fails/withdrawals) included.
  • Unofficial transcripts must have grades for the last completed semester included on the transcript.
  • The college must receive transcripts (unofficial or official) from every school the student has attended.
  • Official transcripts must be received by August 1 for those entering in the fall and by January 15 for those entering in the spring.

Conditional Admittance

Individuals who do not meet the McPherson College’s minimum admissions criteria may be recommended to apply for conditional acceptance. The Enrollment Committee will evaluate the student’s academic history, letters of recommendation and request for conditional admittance to recommend if the student is accepted conditionally or denied acceptance. The Vice President for Enrollment will make the final decision. Conditional admittance may include but not be limited to the following conditions:

  1. Meet with the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the start of the semester.
  2. Enroll in no more than 13-14 total semester hours during the first semester.
  3. Enroll in College Composition I (G- EN110)
  4. Enroll in College Learning Skills (ID 100)
  5. Meet regularly with your academic advisor as directed by him/her.
  6. Make satisfactory academic progress.
  7. Complete every course for which you are enrolled earning a grade of “C” or better.
  8. Attend class regularly.
  9. Unexcused absences may result in academic suspension.
  10. Meet with the Director of Student Success to asses your academic plans and goals and to arrange any services that may be necessary to assist you in being successful..

Admissions representatives are available to answer questions related to this process. All appeals must be submitted to the Office of Admissions where they will be forwarded to the Enrollment Committee for consideration. Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.


A student can be admitted to McPherson College and NOT be eligible for NAIA intercollegiate competition. It is the player’s responsibility to be aware of the eligibility requirements set forth by the NAIA. Please refer to for more information.