The dates of all deadlines are published in the annual Academic Calendar. The last day to add a course is also the last day for students to begin courses. Students are not able to drop/add courses after the first day of classes without the assistance of their academic advisor. If a student drops a class after the first week of classes, a grade of W will be posted on their transcript. Students may withdraw from courses and receive a W until the date posted on the current academic calendar. Students who withdraw from a class before that deadline will receive a notation of “W” on the permanent record in place of a letter grade. Students may not withdraw after that deadline without the grade earned at the end of the term being reported on their transcript.

Students who drop a course within the first week will not receive a W on their transcript since they are within the add/drop period. However, if a student withdraws from all courses, they will receive Ws on their transcript to document their attempt at McPherson College.