Regular Charges and Fees for 2024-2025

Tuition $ 35,946
Fees $ 1,200
Housing Standard Double Room (Dotzour, Bittinger, Morrison, and Metzler) $4,566
Private Residential Room Upgrade: additional $1,000 per semester
Harter Apartments $ 5,808*
Baer Apartments/Baer House $ 5,808*
Terra Nova Luxury Apartments $ 9,660*
Lakeside Apartments $ 5,808*
MC House $ 6,100*
Deerfield or Lakeside Duplex $ 6,010*
Maxwell Hall $ 5,808** Costs include apartment cleaning fee of $100 per semester.
Food 19-meal $ 5,538 includes $ 100 dining dollars (required for all first-time freshmen)
14-meal (224 block) $ 5,252 includes $ 240 dining dollars (available for sophomore through senior students)
10-meal (160 block) $ 3,760 includes $ 300 dining dollars (required for all off-campus athletes)


Tuition – Full-time
$ 35,946
Includes twelve (12) to eighteen (18) hours for fall and spring term.
Students must be enrolled full time to receive institutional financial aid.  Excess hours over eighteen (18) hours: $ 275 per hour

Tuition – Part-time
1-7 hours: $ 480 per hour
8 to 11 hours: $ 845 per hour

Tuition – Summer School
Undergraduate: $ 480 per hour

Double Room: (see above)
McPherson College is a residential college. All students must live in College owned housing unless they apply for and receive permission, in writing, from Student Affairs administration to live elsewhere, or if they meet the off campus living exemptions before the beginning of the academic year. Single rooms are available at an additional $1,000/per semester to the double room charge. Single room option is based on availability. 

General Fee
$ 1,200
The general fee is assessed to all full-time students to assist in covering the costs associated with student activities, computer support, student mental health, campus clinic, student life, athletics, and Student Government Association.

Student Insurance
$ 2,097
Proof of Insurance is needed for student athletes and international students.

Part-time Fee
3-7 hours: $ 60 per term
8-11 hours: $ 100 per term

Graduate Tuition
McPherson students: $ 375 per hour

Special Charges and Fees

Enrollment Deposit: $ 150/$ 250 for Automotive Restoration.
Deposit is refundable before May 1, with the exception of Automotive Restoration which is non-refundable. 

Athletic Fee
$ 675

Official transcript: $ 8+ processing fee to National Student Clearinghouse
Returned check charge: $ 30

Special Classes
Auditing courses, per hour: $ 50
Senior citizen audit fee: $ 25
The Vice President for Academic Affairs determines which courses may be audited. Restoration technology, studio art classes, and private music lessons may not be audited. Permission to audit is granted on a space-available basis.

Art and Design Course Fees

G-AR 101 Drawing I: $150
G-AR 102 Painting I: $150
G-AR 131 Ceramics I: $150
G-AR 202 Painting II: $150
G-AR 220 Graphic Design for Non-Art Majors: $150
G-AR 310 Art History I: $100 for Digital Textbook
G-AR 311 Art History II: $100 for Digital Textbook
G-AR 350 Sculpture I: $150
AR 103 Elementary Design: $150
AR 210 Drawing II: $150
AR 231 Ceramics II: $150
AR 345 Art as Community & Social Practice: $150
AR 358 Methods for Teaching Art in the Elementary School: $50
AR 401 Methods for Teaching Art in the Secondary School: $50
AR 403A Senior Show: Photography: $150

Art and Design Printing and Production Course Fees

AR 130 Design Software: $125
AR 203 Photography I: $150
AR 205 Video Editing and Production: $125
AR 225 2D Printing Production Process: $125
AR 230 Graphic Design I: $125
AR 235 Graphic Design II: $125
AR 260 UX/UI Prototyping: $125
AR 265 UX/UI Application: $125
AR 303 Photography II: $150
AR 315 Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making: $150
AR 320 Typography and Logo Branding: $125
AR 323 Analog Photography: $150
AR 330 Graphic Design III: $125
AR 335 Design Software II: $125
AR 440/CM 440 Web Design II: $125
AR 470A Senior Show: Digital Design: $125
AR 475G Graphic Design IV: $125

Art and Design Software Course Fees

The software fee is only charged once a semester, even if the student is enrolled in more than one course with this fee associated. Interterm will be a separate charge, however.
G-AR 310 Art History I: $100
G-AR 311 Art History II: $100
AR 130 Design Software: $100
AR 203 Photography I: $100
AR 205 Video Editing & Production: $100
AR 225 2D Printing Production Processes: $100
AR 230 Graphic Design I: $100
AR 235 Graphic Design II: $100
AR 260 UX/UI Prototyping: $100
AR 265 UX/UI Application: $100
AR 303 Photography II: $100
AR 320 Typography and Logo Branding: $100
AR 330 Graphic Design III: $100
AR 335 Design Software II: $100
AR 340/CM 340 Web Design I: $100
AR 440/CM 440 Web Design II: $100
AR 470A Senior Show: Digital Design: $100
AR 475G Graphic Design IV: $100
CM 360 Videography I: $100
CM 410 Videography II: $100

Theatre Course Fees

     G-TH 170 Technical Theatre I: $30
     G-TH 270 Technical Theatre II: $30

Business Course Fees

BA 325 Financial Management: $ 50

Health & Sport Studies Course Fees

PE 325 Exercise and Sport Nutrition: $ 220

Teacher Education Course Fees

CI 220 Principles and Strategies of Teaching: $ 20
EE 230 Math Methods I: $ 20

G-CI 251 Introduction to Education Practicum: $ 20
EE 303 Reading Language Arts I: $ 20

EE 306 Science Methods: $ 20 
EE 307 Math Methods II: $ 20 
EE 309 Social Studies Methods: $ 20
EE 444 Reading and Language Arts II: $ 20 
CI 401/AR 401 Methods for Teaching Art in the Secondary School: $ 50
CI 476 Student Teaching: $ 150 per semester
EE 301/AR 358 Methods for Teaching Art in the Elementary School: $ 50

Natural Science Course Fees

G-BI 101 Principles of Biology: $ 30
G-BI 111 College Biology I: $ 30
BI 112 College Biology II: $ 30
BI 225 Human Anatomy: $ 30
BI 283 Genetics: $ 30
BI 310 Statistical Data Analysis: $ 30
BI 315 Human Physiology: $ 30
G-CH 101 Principles of Chemistry: $ 30
G-CH 105 GOB Chemistry for Life: $ 30
G-CH 111 College Chemistry I: $ 30
CH 112 College Chemistry II: $30
CH 201 Quantitative Analysis: $ 30
CH 251 Organic Chemistry I: $ 30
CH 252 Organic Chemistry II: $ 30
BI/CH 370 Biochemistry I: $ 30
BI/CH 373 Biochemistry II: $ 30
CH 380 Green Chemistry: $30
CH 390 Instrumental Analysis: $ 30
G-NS 141 Environmental Science: $30
G-PH 205 College Physics I: $30
PH 206 College Physics II: $30
G-PH 215 General Physics I: $30
PH 216 General Physics II: $30

Music Course Fees

G-MU 132 Concert Choir: Students who have not previously acquired concert attire will be required to purchase it.
MU 330 Private Lessons: $150
Piano rental for Class Piano: $50
Instrument rental: $50 per instrument

Behavioral Sciences Course Fees

PY/SO 474 Scientific Writing for Behavioral Sciences: $ 25
PY/SO 475 Senior Seminar/Thesis: $25

Automotive Restoration Technology Course Fees

TE 141 Engine Rebuilding: $ 65
TE 145 Drivetrain Restoration: $ 65
TE 162 Fundamentals of Woodworking: $ 65
TE 252 Vintage Panel Restoration: $ 65
TE 262 Machining Technology: $ 65
TE 271 Chassis Restoration: $ 65
TE 281 Automotive Trim: $ 90
TE 480 Advanced Automotive Paint Restoration: $ 75
TE 481 Advanced Automotive Trim: $ 65
TE 152 Sheet Metal: $ 90
TE 242 Re-Babbitting: $ 65
TE 275 Automotive Paint Restoration: $ 300
TE 301 Materials and Processes: $ 50
TE 341 Advanced Engine Rebuilding: $ 65
TE 353 Finishing Touches: $ 25
TE 360 Electrical and Electronic Systems: $ 25
TE 380 Applied Diagnostics: $ 40
TE 385 Restoration Assembly Processes: $ 25
TE 406 Woodworking in Automotive Coachwork: $ 65
TE 414 Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems: $ 25
TE 452 Advanced Sheet Metal Restoration: $ 65
TE 462 Advanced Manual Machining: $65


Billing and Payment Policies

McPherson College expects the student to be financially responsible. All student accounts are in the student’s name regardless of who makes payment on the account.


Students may view their account statement on Bulldog Connect. The first charges for the fall semester will be available in early July. The spring charges will be available in late November. These initial statements list tuition and applicable fees, room and board for residential students as well as estimated financial aid, payments, and the estimated balance due. Activity after the initial account statement is created may affect the amount you are responsible to pay. Such activity could include adding/dropping courses, bookstore charges, changes to room and board, and/or changes to your financial aid package.

Email communications to the student’s McPherson College email address are sent letting them know when their account statement is available. However, students are strongly encouraged to stay informed on a regular basis by accessing their account on Bulldog Connect at any time throughout the year.

Financial Aid

The Business Office will recognize credit on the student’s account balance for posted federal financial aid and issue a credit refund check within 14 days from the posting date in accordance with Department of Education rules. For other non-federal aid, the following circumstances apply:

Institutional/Merit Awards: Credit will be recognized when the award is posted to the student account.

Outside Scholarships: Awards from outside sources will not appear on the student’s account statement until McPherson College receives the funds and the aid is posted to the student account.

Alternative Loans: Credit will be recognized when loan funds are made available to the college and the loan is posted to the student account.

Federal Work Study: Although Work Study may be part of your financial aid package, it is not a guarantee of employment and will not be deducted from your student account. Arrangement may be made in the Business Office to direct future wages to be applied directly to the student account.

*Debt Project Participants: If the student is accepted to the Student Debt Project, please review further details about payments and earning match funds on Bulldog Connect. 

Monthly Payment Plan

If an annual or semester payment in-full is not possible, McPherson College requires students to set up a monthly payment plan through Transact. For a small enrollment fee ($35 per semester) families can budget convenient, interest-free monthly payments. Further information can be found on Bulldog Connect. All plans must be set up by August 15 to be split into five (5) monthly payments. A six (6) month payment plan is available if plan enrollment is completed prior to July 15 and January 15. Graduating seniors must have their account paid in full prior to graduation to participate in Commencement or receive their diploma.

If the account is not paid in full by the due date for the current term, or enrollment in an interest-free Transact plan is not completed by the due date for the current term, an interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual) will be applied to accounts with remaining balances on the next business day following the 15th. If special arrangements are required for a unique situation, please reach out to the Business Office.


You are responsible for payment in full of your student account balance minus estimated financial aid. The fall semester bill is due on August 15 or the first day on campus, whichever comes first. The spring semester bill is due on January 15. While McPherson College encourages payment in full by the end of the semester, you are allowed to carry over $1,500 from the previous semester to the current semester. A larger carryover may be allowed only under specific arrangement with the Business Office.

Courses taken online through College Consortium must be paid in full up front prior to enrollment.

Checks should be made payable to McPherson College, and payments should be mailed to McPherson College, Attn: Business Office, P.O. Box 1402, McPherson, KS 67460. Cash payments are accepted in person in the Business Office. Credit card payments can be made online or by telephone. For online payments, please log into Bulldog Connect to view your account. Student payments made by debit or credit card will be charged a fee to cover the transaction costs. To avoid the fee, a bank draft or check can be used for the payment. If you have questions, please contact the Student Accounts team at [email protected].

The college reserves the right to withhold official academic transcripts if the student fails to pay their balance in full. Diplomas will not be released if an account balance remains. Students with a balance are also not allowed to participate in Commencement.

The college will provide an unofficial copy of an academic transcript at the student’s request. It will be marked with the word “UNOFFICIAL.”


Failure to pay the balance on the student’s account by the due date places the student on a restricted enrollment status, or HOLD. Students on HOLD will not be allowed to register for classes, confirm existing pre-registrations, obtain transcripts or receive other non-essential services until their accounts are brought current. Please contact the Student Accounts team at [email protected] for assistance with HOLD resolutions.

Late Fees

A late fee of $100 will be assessed on the next business day following the due date to make payment in-full or enroll in a payment plan for the current academic term.

Institutional Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from McPherson College on or after the first day of a term may be eligible for a refund (proration) of qualified institutional charges and non-federal financial aid. Qualified charges would include tuition, fees, room and board. Charges that are not included in a refund include, but are not limited to, books, fines, and insurance premiums. Non-federal aid would include aid from the institution, state, and outside resources. McPherson College determines the percentage of adjustment by calculating earned and unearned percentages using the following method:

All calendar days from the beginning of the term to the Last Day of Attendance (LDA) are divided by the total number of calendar days in the term to determine the percentage of adjustment for all qualified charges except housing and meal plans. Housing charges are determined by the last date of occupancy and meal plan charges are determined by last date of use or LDA, whichever is later. Scheduled breaks of five calendar days or more and temporary break days are excluded.

  1. If the withdrawal occurs within the first 60% of the term, a pro rata adjustment will be made to the student’s account. Qualified charges and non-federal aid will be adjusted individually. Earned amounts will remain posted, and unearned amounts will be returned to the issuing authority. If an outside agency allows, a larger percentage of the entire award may remain posted to pay adjusted charges.
  2. If the withdrawal occurs after the first 60% of the term, no adjustment or refund is due.

Federal Financial Aid Refund Policy

In addition to the institutional refund calculation, recipients–and, in some cases, intended recipients–of federal Title IV financial aid (with the exception of Federal Work Study) will be subject to the refund policies as mandated by the United States Department of Education. McPherson College must calculate earned and unearned federal aid using the same method as described under the Institutional Refund Policy.

  1. If the withdrawal occurs within the first 60% of the term, a pro rata adjustment will be made to the student’s account. The resulting percentages are applied to the total of Title IV aid that was disbursed and could have been disbursed. Any unearned amount must be returned to the appropriate program source in the following order until the unearned amount is satisfied:          1) Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans, 2) Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans, 3) Federal Perkins Loans, 4) Federal Direct PLUS loans, 5) Federal Pell Grants, 6) Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, 7) Federal TEACH grants, 8) Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grants.
  2. If the withdrawal occurs after the first 60% of the term, no adjustment or refund of federal Title IV financial aid is due.