G-ML 108 Level I Spanish

3 hours
Acquisition of the four skills: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. Latin American and Spanish cultural aspects are an integral part of this course. Classes are conducted in Spanish and English.  (Fall and Spring)

G-ML 109 Level II Spanish

3 hours
A continuation of G-ML 108 with emphasis on mastery of the verb tenses, short sentence building, and vocabulary expansion. Includes study of Latin American and Spanish culture. Classes are conducted in Spanish and English.  (Spring)

G-ML 208 Level III Spanish

3 hours
A review of grammatical principles followed by readings and vocabulary expansion. Classes conducted in Spanish. Oral preparation necessary for discussion of topics, short stories, and cultural research. (Fall)

G-ML 209 Level IV Spanish

3 hours
A continuation of G-ML 208 with increased emphasis on original reading selections in Spanish and student compositions. (Spring)

EN 230 Linguistics

2 hours
An introductory course in linguistics to familiarize students with the discipline and to help them to analyze the structure, phonology, morphology, and syntax of the English language, while also learning about families of languages and some fundamental differences in languages around the world. (Fall)

ML 308 Spanish Language Literature

3 hours
A study of Spanish language literature.

ML 350 Immersion Experience

4-36 hours
Students in Emphasis 1 are required to spend the equivalent of one semester (at least 12 credit hours) abroad or in a comparable immersion program. Students may fulfill this requirement in a variety of ways, but must first seek approval from the Spanish program director. See ML350 syllabus for specific requirements. Students in Emphasis 2 are required to spend at least 3 weeks (4 credit hours) in an immersion experience.

ML 384 Intermediate-Level Composition and Conversation

3 hours
A course designed to correct weaknesses in writing skills and to develop conversational skills, with equal emphasis to both. Taught completely in Spanish. Prerequisite: G-ML209 or equivalent (such as an appropriate score on a placement exam).  (Fall)

ML 385 Advanced-Level Composition and Conversation

3 hours (Language Intensive)
A course designed to put into practice skills learned at Intermediate levels. Focuses on Idiomatic expressions, difficult grammar structures and extensive vocabulary. Taught completely in Spanish. Prerequisite: ML 384 or equivalent. (Spring)

G-ML 370 Service Learning Opportunity

4 hours
Students will travel for the purpose of a community service project wherein they are required to participate actively in disaster relief work. In addition to the on-site relief work, students are required to participate in scheduled group sessions, which are designed to assist the student in acquiring additional cultural knowledge about the said travel site.

ML 475 Senior Seminar in Spanish

2-4 hours
The individual project of the senior student in areas of literature, language, language pedagogy, or Hispanic culture. The content of this course is open to the interests of the student.  The project will be written and presented in Spanish. (Fall and Spring)

CI 404 Methods for Teaching Modern Language in the Secondary Schools

3 hours
Students will study the appropriate and most effective ways of teaching foreign language and culture. Practical applications of strategies and techniques are utilized to accomplish the objectives. Curriculum, evaluation, audio-visual materials, music, folklore, customs, gestures, and professional language organizations are included in this study.

ML 458 Structure of the Spanish Language

2 hours
The systematic analysis of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Spanish from the standpoint of structure, historical and contrastive linguistics.

Special Course Options
295/495 Field Experience (1-4 hours)
297  Study Abroad (12-16 hours)
299/499 Independent Study (1-4 hours)
388 Career Connections (3-10 hours)
445 Readings and Research (1-4 hours)