Purpose Statement

The department of health, physical education and recreation commits itself to developing graduates who embrace the liberal arts philosophy and who can demonstrate a variety of skills efficiently and effectively, analyze and critique movement, and understand the interrelationship of health, fitness, and wholeness in life.

The department achieves this purpose when its graduates

  • develop a personal strategy for health and fitness, emphasizing the physical domain, understanding that behaviors learned are a lifelong process.
  • understand the concepts of physical education and health content and apply these concepts for the development of a physically educated individual.
  • demonstrate a heightened awareness of the impact of play on the quality of life.
  • meet State Department of Education standards and NCATE standards for licensure in the area of physical education and health (applies to those seeking teaching certification in physical education and health).

The department offers programs designed for teaching physical education and health in the elementary and secondary schools, graduate preparation, and a related area of special emphasis in sports management. In cooperation with the department of natural sciences, it also hosts an interdisciplinary degree in health science.

Physical Education and Health Major

Completion of the required and supporting courses listed below, plus courses and/or a selected emphasis area of professional preparation should total a minimum of 37 semester hours in the department of physical education and 11 semester hours of required related courses.


PE 110  Introduction to Team Sports (2 hours)
G-PE 150  Concepts of Holistic Health (2 hours)
PE 160  Intro to Dual and Individual Sports I (2 hours)
PE 161  Intro to Dual and Individual Sports II (2 hours)
G-PE 170   Personal and Community Health (2 hours)
PE 180  First Aid and Personal Safety (2 hours)
PE 210  Human Sexuality (3 hours)
PE 220  Human Anatomy and Physiology for Physical Education (2 hours)
PE 280  Care and Treatment of Athletic Injuries (3 hours)
PE 288  Psychology and Sociology of Sport (2 hours)
PE 330  Physiology of Exercise (3 hours)
PE 375  Junior Seminar (1 hour)
*PE 380  History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (3 hours)
PE 411  Kinesiology (3 hours)
PE 450  Organization & Administration of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics (3 hours)
PE 475  Senior Seminar (2-6 hours)

Required Supporting Courses

G-BI 101 Principles of Biology 4 hours) or
G-BI 111 College Biology (4 hours) or
G-BI 106 Environmental Biology (4 hours)
PE/SO 210 Human Sexuality (3 hours)

Additional Requirements for Teacher Education Majors, PK-12

Professional Education Requirements

Related Courses:

PY 101  Introduction to Psychology (3 hours)
PY 204  Child and Adolescent Development (3 hours)
CI 232  Educational Technology (2 hours)
CI 333  Intercultural Education (2 hours)

Education Courses:

CI 150  Introduction to Education (3 hours)
CI 251  Introduction to Education Practicum (1 hour)
SE 210  Intro to Infant, Child, Youth with Special Needs (3 hours)
CI 220  Principles & Strategies of Teaching (3 hours)
CI 315  Reading in the Content Field (2 hours)
CI 455  The Teaching-Learning Process (3 hours)

Methods Courses:

PE/CI 426  Methods of Teaching School Health (2 hours)
PE/EE 305  Methods of Teaching PE in Elementary School (2 hours)
PE/CI 410  Methods of Teaching PE in Secondary School (2 hours)

Observations & Student Teaching:

CI 351  Secondary Education Practicum (1 hour)
EE 375  Elementary Education Practicum (1 hour)
EE 465  Student Teaching in the Elementary School (6 hours)
CI 475  Student Teaching in the Secondary School (6 hours)
CI 476  Professional Seminar in Education (2 hours)

Total Hours 45 hours

Additional Requirements for Sports Management Emphasis

G-BA 101  Introduction to Business (3 hours)
EC 202  Survey of Economics (3 hours)
AC 205  Financial Accounting (3 hours)
BA 224  Principles of Management (3 hours)
BA 321  Marketing (3 hours)
*BA 339  Human Resource Management (3 hours)

Health Science Interdisciplinary Major

Required Courses

G-BI 111 College Biology I (4 hours)
BI 112  College Biology II (4 hours)
G-CH 111 College Chemistry I (5 hours)
CH 112 College Chemistry II (5 hours)
G-PH 215 General Physics I (4 hours)
PH 216 General Physics II (4 hours)
G-BI 210 Principles of Nutrition (3 hours)
BI 225 Human Anatomy (4 hours)
BI 315 Human Physiology (4 hours)
PE 180 First Aid and Personal Safety (2 hours)
PE 280 Care and Treatment of Athletic Injuries (3 hours)
PE 288 Psychology and Sociology of Sport (2 hours)
PE 330 Physiology of Exercise (3 hours)
PE 411 Kinesiology (3 hours)
PE/BI 445 Readings and Research: Research Methods in Health Science (1 hour)
PE 475 Senior Seminar – Kinesiology Internship (2 hours)
G-MA 221 Elementary Applied Statistics (4 hours)
G-PY 101 Introduction to Psychology

Recommended Supporting Courses

G-PE 150 Concepts in Holistic Health (2 hours)
G-PE 170 Personal and Community Health

Additional Requirements for Some Pre-professional Programs

PY 204 Child and Adolescent Development (3 hours) OR
PY 305 Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)
BI 207 Medical Terminology (2 hours)
BI 404 Biomedical Ethics (2 hours)
G-MA 105 College Algebra
Trigonometry (or above)
Communication course
Sociology course
Business course