03 Financial Information

//03 Financial Information

Student Expenses for 2020-2021


Regular Charges and Fees for 2020-2021

Tuition $ 30,191
Fees $ 963
Room Standard Double Room (Dotzour, Bittinger, Morrison, and Metzler) $3,671
Private Residential Room Upgrade: additional $1,000 per semester
Harter Apartments $ 5,226 (3.0 GPA)
Baer Apartments $ 5,226 (3.0 GPA)
Terra Nova Luxury Apartments $ 8,524 (3.25 GPA)
Lakeside Apartments $ 5,226 (3.0 GPA)
Deerfield, Lakeside Duplex, or Baer House $ 5,226 (3.0 GPA)
Board Unlimited Meal Plan $ 5,083 (required for all first-time freshmen)
14-meal (224 block) $ 4,808 (available for sophomore through senior students)
10-meal (160 block) $ 3,326 (required for all off-campus athletes)


Tuition – Full-time
$ 30,191
Includes twelve (12) to sixteen (16) hours for fall and spring term and four (4) hours in interterm.
Students must be enrolled full time to receive institutional financial aid.  Excess hours over sixteen (16) hours: $ 250 per hour

Tuition – Part-time
1-7 hours: $ 430 per hour
8 to 11 hours: $ 750 per hour

Tuition – Summer School
Undergraduate: $ 430 per hour
ACCK Courses: $ 300 per hour

Double Room: (see above)
McPherson College is a residential college. All unmarried students age 23 and under not living with their parents live in residence halls.
e rooms at an additional $1,000/semester to the double room charge. Based on availability.

General Fee
$ 963
The general fee is assessed to all full-time students to assist in covering the costs associated with student activities, computer support, student life, athletics, and Student Government Association.

Student Insurance
To be determined. Proof of Insurance is needed for student athletes and international students.

Part-time Fee
3-7 hours: $ 30 per term
8-11 hours: $ 50 per term

Graduate Tuition
McPherson students: $ 375 per hour

Special Charges and Fees

Enrollment Deposit: $ 150/$ 250 for Automotive Restoration.
Deposit is refundable before May 1.

Athletic Fee
$ 650

Late payment arrangement: $ 100 after August 1
Each change of schedule: $ 50 (drop and add after the first two (2) weeks of term)
Official transcript: $ 8+ processing fee to National Student Clearinghouse
Returned check charge: $ 30

Special Classes
Auditing courses, per hour: $ 50
Senior citizen audit fee: $ 25
The Vice President for Academic Affairs determines which courses may be audited. Restoration technology, studio art classes, and private music lessons may not be audited. Permission to audit is granted on a space-available basis.
Private music lessons: $ 150 per semester hour in addition to regular tuition
Piano rental for Class Piano: $ 50
Instrument rental: $ 50 per instrument

Automotive Restoration Courses

Automotive Restoration course fee: $ 65 per class minimum
TE 152 Sheet Metal: $ 90
TE 275 Automotive Paint Restoration: $ 250
Maximum for Auto Restoration per semester: $ 260

Physical Education Courses

PE 160 & 161 Individual & Dual Sports I & II: $ 25
PE 180 First Aid & Personal Safety: $ 30
PE 375 Junior Seminar for PE: $ 60

Behavioral Sciences Course

PY/SO 474 Scientific Writing for Behavioral Sciences: $ 20

Teacher Education Courses

G-CI 251 Introduction to Education Practicum: $ 20
CI 475/EE 475 Student Teaching: $ 150 per semester

Studio Art Courses

G-AR 101 Drawing I: $ 125
AR 210 Drawing II
: $ 125
G-AR 102 Painting I
: $ 125
AR 202 Painting II
: $ 125
G-AR 131 Ceramics 1
: $ 125
AR 231 Ceramics II
: $ 125
AR 103 Elementary Design
: $ 125
AR 315 Metalsmithing
: $ 125
G-AR 350 Sculpture I
: $ 125
AR 355 Sculpture II
: $ 125
AR 203 Photography I
: $ 125
AR 303 Photography II
: $ 125
AR 333 Commercial Photography I
: $ 125
AR 363 Commercial Photography II
: $ 125
AR 403 Photography Portfolio Development
: $ 125
AR 425 Concentrated Studies: $ 125
AR 475A Senior Concentration
: $ 125

Graphic Design Courses

AR 130 Design Software: $ 225
AR 205 Multi-Media Software
: $ 225
AR 230 Graphic Design I
: $ 225
AR 235 Graphic Design II
: $ 225
AR 320 Typography & Logo Branding:
$ 225
AR 330 Graphic Design III:
$ 225
AR 475G Graphic Design IV
$ 225
AR 335 Moving Image Software
$ 225
AR 470 Graphic Design Senior Show
$ 225

Art History Courses

Art History I: $ 100
Art History II
: $ 100
Contemporary Design
: $ 25

Billing and Payment Policies

McPherson College expects the student to be financially responsible. All student accounts are in the student’s name regardless of who makes payment on the account.


Students may view their account statement on Bulldog Connect. The first charges for the fall semester will be available in July. The spring charges will be available in late November. These initial statements list tuition and applicable fees, room and board for residential students as well as estimated financial aid, payments, and the estimated balance due. Activity after the initial account statement is created may affect the amount you are responsible to pay. Such activity could include adding/dropping courses, bookstore charges, changes to room and board, and/or changes to your financial aid package.

Email communications to the student’s McPherson College email address are sent letting them know when their account statement is available. However, students are strongly encouraged to stay informed on a regular basis by accessing their account on Bulldog Connect at any time throughout the year.

Financial Aid

The Business Office will recognize credit on the student’s account balance for posted federal financial aid and issue a credit refund check within 14 days from the posting date in accordance with Department of Education rules. For other non-federal aid, the following circumstances apply:

Institutional/Merit Awards: Credit will be recognized when the award is posted to the student account.

Outside Scholarships: Awards from outside sources will not appear on the student’s account statement until McPherson College receives the funds and the aid is posted to the student account.

Alternative Loans: Credit will be recognized when loan funds are made available to the college and the loan is posted to the student account.

Federal Work Study: Although Work Study may be part of your financial aid package, it is not a guarantee of employment and will not be deducted from your student account. Arrangement may be made in the Business Office to direct future wages to be applied directly to the student account.

Monthly Payment Plan

If an annual or semester payment is not possible, McPherson College requires students to set up a budget plan through Tuition Management Services (TMS). For a small enrollment fee ($65 per year) families can budget convenient, interest-free monthly payments beginning August 15. Further information can be found at www.mcpherson.afford.com. An exception to this policy would require individual arrangements made directly with the Business Office.


You are responsible for payment in full of your student account balance minus estimated financial aid. The payments are due as billed unless noted otherwise. The fall semester bill is due on August 15, 2020, and the spring semester bill is due on January 15, 2021. While McPherson Colleges encourages payment in full by the end of the semester, you are allowed to carry over $1,500 of unpaid expenses from the previous semester to the current semester. A larger carryover may be allowed only under specific arrangement with the Business Office.

Courses taken online through College Consortium must be paid in full up front. If payment in full is not made before the course drop date, the student will automatically be withdrawn from the College Consortium course.

Checks should be made payable to McPherson College, and payments should be mailed to McPherson College, Attn: Business Office, P.O. Box 1402, McPherson, KS 67460. Cash payments are accepted in person in the Business Office. Credit card payments can be made online or by telephone. For online payments, please log into Bulldog Connect to view your account and click on Make a Payment. If you have questions, please contact the Business Office at 620-242-0450.

The college reserves the right to withhold official academic transcripts if the student fails to pay their balance in full. Diplomas will not be released if an account balance remains. Students with a balance are also not allowed to participate in Commencement.

The college will provide an unofficial copy of an academic transcript at the student’s request. It will be marked with the word “UNOFFICIAL.”


Failure to pay the balance on the student’s account by the due date places the student on a restricted enrollment status, or HOLD. Students on HOLD will not be allowed to register for classes, confirm existing pre-registrations, obtain transcripts or receive other non-essential services until their accounts are brought current. Please contact the Business Office at 620-242-0450 or 620-242-0459 for assistance with HOLD resolutions.

Late Fees

A late fee charge of $100 will be assessed on semester balances remaining unpaid 10 days after the semester due date. The exception would be those enrolled in a monthly payment plan.

Institutional Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from McPherson College on or after the first day of a term may be eligible for a refund (proration) of qualified institutional charges and non-federal financial aid. Qualified charges would include tuition, fees, room and board. Charges that are not included in a refund include, but are not limited to, books, fines, and insurance premiums. Non-federal aid would include aid from the institution, state, and outside resources. McPherson College determines the percentage of adjustment by calculating earned and unearned percentages using the following method:

All calendar days from the beginning of the term to the Last Day of Attendance (LDA) are divided by the total number of calendar days in the term to determine the percentage of adjustment. Scheduled breaks of five calendar days or more and temporary break days are excluded.

  1. If the withdrawal occurs within the first 60% of the term, a pro rata adjustment will be made to the student’s account. Qualified charges and non-federal aid will be adjusted individually. Earned amounts will remain posted, and unearned amounts will be returned to the issuing authority. If an outside agency allows, a larger percentage of the entire award may remain posted to pay adjusted charges.
  2. If the withdrawal occurs after the first 60% of the term, no adjustment or refund is due.

Federal Financial Aid Refund Policy

In addition to the institutional refund calculation, recipients–and, in some cases, intended recipients–of federal Title IV financial aid (with the exception of Federal Work Study) will be subject to the refund policies as mandated by the United States Department of Education. McPherson College must calculate earned and unearned federal aid using the same method as described under the Institutional Refund Policy.

  1. If the withdrawal occurs within the first 60% of the term, a pro rata adjustment will be made to the student’s account. The resulting percentages are applied to the total of Title IV aid that was disbursed and could have been disbursed. Any unearned amount must be returned to the appropriate program source in the following order until the unearned amount is satisfied:          1) Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans, 2) Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans, 3) Federal Perkins Loans, 4) Federal Direct PLUS loans, 5) Federal Pell Grants, 6) Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, 7) Federal TEACH grants, 8)Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grants.
  2. If the withdrawal occurs after the first 60% of the term, no adjustment or refund of federal Title IV financial aid is due.
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Financial Aid Process

Over 99 percent of McPherson College students receive financial assistance each year from McPherson College scholarships and awards, federal and state programs, work-study programs, and educational loans.

McPherson College has a financial aid awarding policy that considers a variety of factors including academic achievement, participation in co-curricular activities, and financial need. The college’s goal is to award enough financial assistance to provide incentive, recognition, and access.

Financial Aid Application Process

To be considered for and receive financial aid, students should take the following steps:

  • Submit their Application for Admission and academic transcripts to McPherson College. Students must be admitted to McPherson College in order to be considered for aid.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). McPherson College’s priority deadline for FAFSA submissions is March 1 each year. McPherson College’s federal school code is 001933.
  • Review their Student Aid Report (SAR) and submit verification documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Students whose Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is selected by the Department of Education for verification must complete the Verification Worksheet (Dependent, Independent) and submit official tax transcripts from the IRS for the student and/or parents/spouse. If supporting schedules are required, the college will ask for them separately.
  • Await receipt of their Financial Aid Award Notice, which the college prepares and mails/emails, usually within 3–5 working days after their financial aid record is complete.
  • Follow the instructions enclosed with the Financial Aid Award Notice by the date indicated to acknowledge acceptance of awards.
  • Complete the required application/promissory note if taking advantage of student loan opportunities.
  • Complete entrance interview if borrowing direct loans.

Financial Aid Calendar

October 1 – Application process begins. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
November 1 – Financial aid award notification begins for admitted students.
March 1 – Priority deadline for financial aid. Offers of aid after this date will be extended only as funds remain available.
April 1 – FAFSA submission deadline for Kansas Comprehensive Grant.

Scholarships and Awards

Every student meeting McPherson College’s admission standards who is enrolled full time is eligible for a Merit Award. In addition to the Merit Award, qualifying students may receive additional scholarship assistance based on academic achievement, co-curricular participation, demographic characteristics, leadership qualities, and major areas of interest. A financial aid calculator and detailed information about institutional awards and scholarships are available at https://www.mcpherson.edu/admissions/scholarships/

Endowed Scholarship Funds

The endowed scholarships and loan funds listed below have been established through personal generosity and a desire on the part of the donors to assist future generations of students in attending McPherson College. The college is grateful for these endowed gifts, which provide a permanent expression of love and support for the college and for the students who will benefit from this kindness. These gifts fund the existing McPherson College Scholarship and Grant Program.

Unrestricted Endowed Scholarship Fund with no specifics for awarding:

  • Walter E. Beery Scholarship Fund
  • Virgil Meyers Berkebile Scholarship
  • Earl Bowman Scholarship Fund
  • R.S. Christensen Endowment Scholarship Fund
  • Earl E. Curtis Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Samuel L. Elrod Scholarship Fund
  • Esther Eslinger Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Leland and Pauline Flory Endowment Scholarship Fund
  • Oscar C. Frantz & Flora Gish Frantz Scholarship
  • Roy O. Frantz Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Harry H. and Marguerite Gilbert Memorial Endowment Scholarship
  • Raenell Hall Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Ira M. Hoover Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Helen Jacobs Memorial Scholarship
  • Ralph F. Johnson & Irene Ramey Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Edith Keller Scholarship Fund
  • John Giolin Pearson Scholarship
  • Ralph H. Rindt Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Scott Robinson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ray Simmons Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Stucky Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Galen M. Tice & Ruth Kilmer Tice Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Robert George Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
  • Worthington Church Scholarship Fund
  • Una Yoder Memorial Scholarship

Restricted Endowed Scholarships

  • African-American: Harrison African-American Academic Scholarship
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarshipfor children and grandchildren of alumni
  • Andes: John and Elrae Andes Performing Arts Scholarship—for performing arts &/or music majors
  • Appel Family Scholarshipsupports student with need in an internship experience
  • Austin: Charles & John Austin Memorial Scholarship Fund—no restrictions
  • Austin: Glen D. Austin Scholarship—western Colorado residents
  • Barrett-Jackson Auction Co.: Brian Jackson Scholarship—auto restoration students with financial need; 3.0 GPA
  • Barrett-Jackson Auction Co.: Russ Jackson Scholarship—auto restoration students with financial need; 3.0 GPA
  • Beam: Royce & Phyllis Bowman Beam Scholarship in Vocal Music—student(s) enrolled in Performing Arts with preference to vocal music students
  • Beech: Olive Ann Beech Scholarship—Wichita, Kansas residents
  • Beeghly: Milford & Dorothy Graham Beeghly Scholarship—Iowa or Northern Plains District Church of the Brethren; display leadership qualities
  • Bell: Pauline L. Bell Memorial Scholarship—junior or senior students majoring in music education or music
  • Bittinger: Desmond & Irene Bittinger Scholarship—institution acceptable academic standing
  • Bowman: J.L. & Elva Bowman Scholarship—science majors
  • Brammell: Ira N.H. & Freda E. Brammell Scholarship—excellent leadership ability
  • Breon: Earl & Margaret Breon Scholarship—financial need
  • Breon: Phil & Clara Breon Scholarship—financial need
  • Brown: Elizabeth & Ed Brown & Classic Thunderbird Club of S. Florida Scholarship—2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year auto restoration students
  • Brown: Larry Brown Scholarship—student athletes majoring in physical education
  • Brubaker: Earl Brubaker Scholarship—financial need
  • Butler: Edward R. & Judith Brammell Butler Student Leadership Scholarship—students who demonstrate leadership potential in student services
  • Campbell: David V. Campbell Scholarship—orphaned, handicapped, and underprivileged students
  • Casebeer: John & George Casebeer Scholarship—financial need
  • Cassler: Winston Cassler Scholarship—students studying music
  • Chisholm: Will Edwin & Olive M. Chisholm Scholarship—no restrictions
  • Class of 1953 Scholarship— freshman student with financial need
  • Class of 1967 Scholarship**—full-time student in any academic program; minimum GPA; financial need
  • Class of 1968 Scholarship—full-time student in any academic program; minimum GPA; financial need
  • Cobb: Redell & Barbara Cobb Scholarship—former students of Canton-Galva High School; 3.0 GPA
  • Coppock: X.L. & Martha Coppock Scholarship **—financial need
  • Crago Family Scholarshipfinancial need; exchange student; minimum GPA or students(s) pursuing math, science or business major
  • Dalke: Elmer O. & Velma L. Dalke Scholarship—financial need
  • Darby: Edith & Harry Darby Foundation Scholarship— juniors and seniors; minimum GPA
  • DeCoursey: Wesley & Verda DeCoursey Scholarship in Chemistry—full-time student majoring in chemistry; minimum GPA; without regard for financial need
  • Dell: Lois E. Dell Scholarship Fund for Women—women who have been absent from a college campus; business majors
  • Dennison: Nora Dennison Scholarship—financial need
  • Detrick: Herbert & Lula Detrick Scholarship— financial need
  • Dodson: Susan Wheeler Dodson Scholarship—visual arts major; minimum GPA; without regard for financial need
  • Doman: David T. Doman/Franklin Club Scholarship – freshmen or sophomore auto restoration major; priority to student with H.H. Franklin Club membership
  • Dotzour: Royer & Edna Dotzour Scholarship—freshman male & female; Kingman County (KS) high school graduates; preference to Norwich High School
  • Duesenberg: Fred Duesenberg Scholarship—auto restoration student
  • Eisenbise: Bernette Eisenbise Scholarship—sophomore, junior, or senior teacher education major
  • Elliott Family Scholarshipfinancial need
  • Evans: Franklin Evans & Roberta Brown Evans Scholarship—sophomores, juniors, seniors; minimum GPA; leadership/campus involvement
  • F & J Foundation Scholarshipauto restoration student
  • Fasnacht: Everett M. & Joy C. Fasnacht Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members seeking career in church service, peace studies, conflict resolution
  • Fike: Duane & Ruthita Fike Scholarship **—no restrictions
  • Flory: Glen & Esther Flory Family Scholarship—financial need
  • Forror: Elizabeth Wagoner Forror & Jo Wagoner Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members or student seeking service-oriented career in health services or dependents of missionary workers
  • Forsyth/Switzer: Lyle & Florence Forsyth & Merl & Ola Switzer Scholarship – financial need
  • Frankenbery/Werner Family Scholarship—financial need; student(s) in natural science and education; minimum GPA
  • Frantz: Earl & Lela Frantz Scholarship —Church of the Brethren members; financial need
  • Frantz: Edward R. & Virginia L. Frantz Scholarship – students pursuing interest in Entrepreneurship and/or athletics; enrolled full-time; financial need
  • Frantz: Merlin & ImoJean Sheller Frantz Scholarship—financial need
  • Fries: Ramona R. Fries & Arthur H. Fries Scholarship—academic merit; financial need
  • Geisert: Fred J. & Martha E. Geisert Scholarship—Dickinson County (KS) high school graduate or resident; preference to New Basel United Church of Christ, Abilene, KS, members/children
  • Gish: Warren & Luella Gish Scholarship—no restrictions
  • Glaser: Adelaide Glaser Scholarship—sophomores, juniors, seniors; Kansas resident; B average; financial need; good leadership qualities
  • Global Studies Endowed Fundno restrictions
  • Goering: Raymond “Dutch” & Dorothy L. Goering Scholarship—financial need
  • Greim: Mary Roop Greim Scholarship—Missouri residents
  • Groff: Forrest & Della Groff Scholarship—Church of the Brethren/Groff family members; minimum GPA
  • Grossnickle: J. Edgar & Willa Grossnickle Scholarship—Iowa Church of the Brethren members, COB students from Iowa, or students from Iowa; preference given to COB students
  • Grover: Mable Beyer Grover Scholarship—financial need
  • Haas: William W. Haas Scholarship—Dickinson County (KS) high school graduates
  • Hall: Henry & Nellie Krebbs Hall Scholarship—financial need
  • Harden: Len & Stella Harden & Joyce Harden Brown Scholarship—juniors & seniors; science, math, pre-med majors
  • Hart: Dorothy Bryant Hart Scholarship—financial need
  • Hatcher: Eugenia D. Hatcher Scholarship—female students
  • Hatfield: Verlin L. & Florence M. Hatfield Scholarship—resident students; financial need
  • Haury: Kenneth Haury Scholarship—business or accounting majors
  • Hershey: Dr. J. Willard Hershey Scholarship—juniors & seniors; science majors
  • Hess: Dick & Beverly Hess Fine Arts Fund—fine arts students; leadership/service ability; financial need
  • Hess: Dick & Beverly Hess Science Fund—science students who have demonstrated talent; financial need
  • Hess: Lou Ann (Dyck) Hess Fine Arts Fund—music students; other fine arts students; financial need
  • Hess: Lou Ann (Dyck) Hess Science Fund—biology students; other science students; financial need
  • Hewitt: Sharon & David Hewitt Scholarship—JR/SR students interested in auto or motorcycle restoration
  • Hoerner: Della Hoerner Scholarship—students seeking career in nursing, medicine, medical technology
  • Hofen: Phillip J. Hofen Scholarship—Iowa residents; financial need
  • Hoffman: Paul & Joanna Hoffman Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members (US)
  • Hoffman: Samuel Hoffman Scholarship**—financial need; high achievement
  • Holden Family Scholarshipstudent enrolled in automotive restoration program; financial need; show interest in restoration and preservation of vehicles or vintage cars of historic importance
  • Holl: Dennis A. Holl Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members; students with Brethren Volunteer Service experience; financial need
  • Hornbaker: Royal & Norma Hornbaker Scholarship—financial need
  • Ikenberry: Alta Gross Ikenberry Scholarship—freshman Idaho or Kansas resident, female athletes or pursuing career in education, pre-med or pre-dental
  • Ikenberry: Ernest & Olivia Ikenberry Scholarship**— financial need and good academic standing
  • Ingalls: Grace Vaniman Ingalls & Roscoe Ingalls Scholarship—financial need and good academic standing
  • Insurance Management Association Scholarshipbusiness majors; financial need
  • Jewell: J. Paul & Fern Watkins Jewell Scholarship – full-time business and economics major; preference to 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-year students; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Johnson: Daniel Palmer Johnson Scholarship—students majoring in math or science
  • Keim: Howard Keim & Winifred O’Connor-Keim Scholarship—women who will have achieved 23rd birthday prior to award; financial need
  • Kindig: Ethel Ward Kindig Scholarship—Nebraska residents; students interested in Christian ministry or service; financial need; good academic standing
  • Kinzie Foundation Scholarshipjuniors or seniors; Church of the Brethren members; financial need
  • Kough: John K. & Arlene Flory Kough Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members from Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota, Texas, and Montana
  • Kreider: Roy Levi Kreider Scholarship—financial need
  • Kuhn: Walter & Ruby Kuhn Scholarship—business, computer science, auto restoration majors
  • Lee: William & Mary Lee Scholarship—financial need
  • Lehman: Harry & Minnie Lehman Scholarship—financial need
  • Lehman: Harvey & Ruth Kurtz Lehman Scholarship—financial need
  • Lehman: Henry L. Lehman & Anna Burkholder Lehman Scholarship—demonstrated academic and leadership ability; financial need
  • Lengel: Leland L. Lengel Scholarship in History—sophomores, juniors, seniors; top history majors in each class; minimum GPA
  • Lichty: Henry Lichty Lovett, Dorothy Lichty Vogel, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Lichty, Lucile Lichty West Scholarship—financial need; students from Northeast quarter of Kansas
  • Lingenfelter: The Fern Lingenfelter Artist Series and the Fern Lingenfelter Scholarship of Music—full-time student majoring in music; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Long: V. Allen Long Scholarship—physical or natural science major and good academic standing
  • Marchand: F.E. & Cora A. Marchand Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members; financial need
  • Martin: Alice B. Martin Scholarship—financial need
  • Martin: Martha Cecile Martin Endowed Scholarship—teacher education student; McPherson County origin; financial need
  • Maune: Louie Maune Scholarship—financial need
  • McCluggage: The Denise McCluggage Scholarship—female student demonstrating passions in the fields of auto restoration, journalism, photography, communication, media arts, and/or writing; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • McDaneld: Wallace & Nellie Wagner McDaneld Scholarship—Kansas residents; interested in Christian ministry or service; financial need
  • McGhee: Grace Brunk McGhee Scholarship— financial need
  • McGonigle: Josephine Shirar McGonigle Scholarship—financial need
  • McHugh: Ellen McHugh Scholarship— financial need
  • McIlwaine: Delia Chavez McIlwaine Scholarship—music education major
  • McSpadden: Dwight McSpadden Scholarship—student athletes
  • Meguiar Family Scholarship in Automobile Restoration—auto restorations students
  • Melhorn: J. Mark & Katherine J. Ramsey Melhorn Scholarship—McPherson County student participating in at least one athletic program and intention to major in science field
  • Merkey: Samuel R. Merkey Scholarship—financial need
  • Metzler: Burton & Mabel Metzler Scholarship—financial need
  • Metzler: David & Doris Metzler Scholarship **—full-time student preparing for the ministry or Christian service or PreK-12 classroom teaching
  • Miller: Delma Miller Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members
  • Miller: Oscar & Vida Miller Scholarship— financial need
  • Mingenback: Mary Mingenback Scholarship—art or music students; financial need
  • Moats/Neher: Edgar & Marie Moats/Roy & Wava Neher/Edna Neher Scholarship—preference to Ivester (Grundy Center, IA) and Osage (McKune, KS) Church of the Brethren members
  • Moore: Alma Anderson Moore Scholarship—speech/theatre students
  • Morrison: Milton & Rebecca Morrison Scholarship—financial need
  • Moyers: David W. & Florence Smith Moyers Scholarship—Church of the Brethren members who demonstrate church leadership potential
  • Mugler: Carrie Mugler Scholarship—financial need
  • Murrey: Chester & Pearl Crumpacker Murrey Scholarship—freshmen, first-year transfer; financial need
  • Myers: Phil & Jean Myers Scholarship—priority consideration given to students who, due to unique opportunities, crisis situations, or extraordinary accomplishments and/or contributions to their community in the face of difficulties, deserve recognition and encouragement to complete their education; minimum 3.0 GPA; financial need
  • Negley Family ScholarshipChurch of the Brethren members; financial need
  • Nichols: Connie Nichols /Ethel McClure Scholarship—interior design or art majors; participate in at least one extra-curricular or volunteer activity on campus or in McPherson
  • Nonken: Ray Nonken Scholarship—Kansas residents who reside in a rural area; athletes; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Nordling: Barbara & Bernard Nordling /Leland E. Nordling Family ScholarshipKansas residents west of Highway 81, excluding Sedgwick County; academic achievement
  • Noyes: Pat Noyes Men’s Basketball Scholarship—juniors and seniors in previous year; exemplify character of Pat Noyes (leadership, positive attitude, team player, exert maximum effort, passion for the game of basketball); good academic standing
  • Pair: Paul & Pauline Vaniman Pair Scholarship for Computer Science—computer science majors
  • Pair: Pauline Vaniman Pair Scholarship for the Fine Arts—art, music, theatre majors; good academic standing
  • Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Scholarship—auto restorations majors
  • Peckover: Lila Marie Peckover Scholarship—Hutchinson (KS) Community Church of the Brethren members
  • Penland: M.W. & Hallie Goforth Penland Scholarship—philosophy/religion, science, or education majors
  • Pepsi-Cola Scholarship—auto restorations majors
  • Peterson: Ernest & Inez Peterson Scholarship—juniors and seniors; business and accounting majors; minimum GPA
  • Porter: Irwin and Betty Porter Fund—no restrictions
  • Powell Family Scholarship in Science and Religion—science or religion/philosophy majors with preference to those studying both disciplines
  • Prather: A.B. & Vera Prather Scholarship—financial need
  • Quapaw: Benjamin Quapaw Scholarship—Native-American students
  • Quint: Don Quint Memorial Soccer Scholarship Fund—business majors who also are a member of the soccer team; minimum GPA
  • Ray: Art Ray Track & Field /Cross Country Scholarship—students participating in track and field or cross country; minimum GPA
  • Reed: Blake Reed Mac2Mac Scholarship—graduated from McPherson High School and participated in high school football program as a senior and plans to attend McPherson College and participate in the college’s football program; current McPherson College football player with financial need
  • Rock: Kenneth M. Rock Scholarship—upper 25% of their high school class; financial need
  • Rolls-Royce Foundation Scholarship—auto restorations students with demonstrated interest in Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars
  • Royer: Patricia A. .Royer Endowed Scholarship Fund—full-time students; affiliated with COB; majors in fine arts, business, sciences, or teacher education; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Royer: William D. & Alice Nash Royer Scholarship—biology majors
  • Sahl: Bob Sahl Scholarship—2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-year auto restoration students who demonstrate interest in pre-’16 autos; recommendation from the auto restoration faculty; financial need
  • Sargent: Paul & Rowena Vaniman Sargent Scholarship in Business—priority given to business majors; minimum GPA; financial need; nominated by business faculty
  • Sargent: Paul & Rowena Vaniman Sargent Scholarship in Foreign Language – for majors in any field with a commitment to study abroad for a minimum of one (1) semester
  • Sell: Orlin N. Sell Scholarship—students interested in Christian education, ministry, teaching, or social work
  • Sheller: Arlene Barley Sheller Scholarship—Ivester Church of the Brethren members/friends
  • Smith: Delbert L. & Barbara J. Smith Cross Country and Track & Field Scholarship—Student who participates in cross country and/or track and field; financial need
  • Smith: Dwight Smith Scholarship—financial need
  • Smith: Paul E. “Gene” Smith Scholarship—junior; football player who excelled at athletic performance, attitude, sportsmanship, and team play during sophomore year; recommendation from athletic staff
  • Snavely: Paul & Edna Snavely Scholarship—financial need
  • Snell: Dale Snell Scholarship—junior or senior music major; good academic standing
  • Spear: Spear Brothers Scholarship—full-time student enrolled in the Auto Restoration program; financial need
  • Staats: Elmer B. Staats & Margaret Rich Staats Scholarship for Public Service—students seeking career in public service
  • Strickler: Dale & Velma Strickler Scholarship—junior or senior students interested in social work, business or economics
  • Sutton: Charlie & Wilma Sutton Scholarship – full-time student; financial need
  • Trinity Church of the Brethren Scholarship—students interested in ministry
  • Trostle: Bernice McClellan Trostle Scholarship—priority to history, English, humanities, or social science majors
  • Trostle: Raymond H. Trostle Scholarship—priority to chemistry or history majors
  • Turner/Harris: Turner/Harris Endowed Scholarship—full-time students in automotive restoration, graphic arts, or music programs; minimum 3.0 GPA; preference given to veterans
  • Ullom: Victor and Rosalie Ullom Scholarship—Colorado residents; financial need
  • van Asselt/Higgins: Peggy van Asselt/Pam Higgins Scholarship**—priority to biology/foreign language double majors; financial need may be considered
  • VanGoethem: James & Lori VanGoethem Family Scholarship—full-time student; financial need; minimum GPA
  • Vaniman: Elmer E. Vaniman Scholarship in Music—music students; priority to Church of the Brethren students
  • Voshell: LaVerne M. “Tony” Voshell Athletic Scholarship—students participating in football, basketball, or track
  • Wall: Ernest A. Wall & Eunice Almen Wall & Rollyn E. Wall Scholarship—freshmen students
  • Ward: John Ward & Bonnie Martin Ward Scholarship—resident of McPherson, Kansas; planning to become a teacher; minimum GPA
  • Watkins-Gerhard Scholarship—financial need
  • Weaver: Paul & Frances Weaver Scholarship—students pursuing career in Christian ministry; philosophy/religion students
  • Will: W. Marvin & Doreen Will Scholarship—two annual scholarships to incoming freshmen majoring in political science, history or both
  • Wise: Jacob & Ruth Wise Scholarship—financial need
  • Witmore: Irma Cloe Witmore Scholarship—students of English, journalism, communication, theatre or library science who participate in at least one (1) extra-curricular or volunteer activity on campus each semester
  • Wittig: Randy & Sonya Wittig Scholarship—auto restoration students
  • Wittig: Roger & Rita Wittig Scholarship—auto restoration students
  • Yoder: Dayton & Hazel Yoder Scholarship—Church of the Brethren students with rural/agricultural background; academic achievement, leadership ability
  • York: H. Laverne & Evelyn Herr York Scholarship—student athlete majoring in physical education
  • Ziegler: Paul Ziegler Scholarship—priority given to member of the tennis team; demonstrate compassion, encouragement, and leadership; financial need

** not fully funded

Work Study and Employment

All students may apply for on-campus jobs, but students qualifying for the Federal College Work Study program are given priority. These jobs include clerical assistants, maintenance workers, housekeeping, resident assistants, admissions assistants, athletic event staff, etc.

Off-campus employment is usually available to students. The community of McPherson normally enjoys an unemployment rate far below the national average, and there are many requests for part-time student help. The Career Services Offices posts notices of available positions for both on- and off-campus jobs online at https://www.mcpherson.edu/career/.

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

Veteran’s Benefits may be used to attend McPherson College. For information on eligibility and to obtain application materials, students should contact the Veteran’s Administration by phone at 1-888-442-4551 or online at http:www.gibill.va.gov.

Local service agencies such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, PEO, AAUW and others often have funding available for qualified students. Inquire with these agencies for scholarship forms.

Other forms of financial aid may also be available. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

2020|03 Financial Information, Catalog 20-21|

Financial Aid Policies


Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

To be eligible for financial aid, a student must make satisfactory academic progress. Academic progress is reviewed at the end of fall and spring semesters. Progress is based on the chart below.

First-time freshmen

Satisfactory academic progress is based on attempted hours, including all post-secondary coursework attempted. This includes failed coursework, coursework graded as incomplete and withdrawn coursework. Repeated coursework is included in the attempted hours and in the GPA hours for the term that course is recognized on the transcript.

Transfer students

A qualitative assessment is based on coursework accepted by McPherson College, and the accepted coursework is shown in both attempted and completed hours. Failed coursework, coursework graded as incomplete and withdrawn coursework are included in attempted hours. Repeated coursework is included in the attempted hours and in the GPA hours for the term that course is recognized on the transcript. A quantitative assessment is based on cumulative grade point average.

The maximum time frame for completing a degree is 186 credit hours. The time frame may be extended if necessary for students who have changed majors. An appeal will be required for this extension.

Quantitative Qualitative
Hours attempted cumulative GPA hours earned / hours attempted
0 -15.9 1.50 50.0
16.0 – 31.9 1.60 60.0
32.0 – 46.9 1.70 62.0
47.0 – 62.9 1.80 67.0
63.0 – 77.9 1.85 67.0
78.0 – 93.9 1.90 69.0
94.0 – 108.9 1.95 71.0
109.0 – 124.9 Greater than or equal to 2.00 74.0
125.0 – 139.9 Greater than or equal to 2.00 77.0
140.0 – 186.9 Greater than or equal to 2.00 83.0

Students are evaluated at the end of each payment period. A student who fails to meet the quantitative or qualitative measures may not be eligible for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. A student may fall into one of the following categories: Warning or Suspension.

  1. Warning – Students who do not achieve one or more of the academic criteria in any given semester/term are put on warning. The student is sent notification stating the policy and the consequences of a consecutive term below standards.
  2. Suspension – Students who do not achieve one or more academic criteria for a second consecutive semester are put on suspension. They are notified that their aid has been suspended and given the choice to appeal, explaining any unusual circumstances that prevented them from making academic progress. If the student chooses not to appeal, financial aid is withheld for the next payment period. If the student appeals, there are two options.
    1. Probation – If it is mathematically possible and probable that the student can meet satisfactory academic progress in one term and the student has an unusual circumstance, the student can be placed on probation and given one term to fix the issue. If the student achieves the required GPA and/or pass rate, the student continues in good standing. If the student fails to meet the minimum requirements, the student is immediately put back on suspension.   Students may appeal again if there are reasons for the lack of academic progress other than those cited in the original appeal.
    2. Plan – If it is not mathematically possible or is improbable that a student can achieve good standing in one term, McPherson College may choose to put the student on a multiple-term academic plan. The plan will utilize the SAP levels and a set number of credit hours per semester to get the student back into good standing. If the student meets the semester/term achievements but still lacks the cumulative requirements, the student is not put back on suspension but allowed to continue on their plan. If the student meets good standing sooner than planned, the student is put back in good standing. If the student does not meet any part of the semester/term plan, the student is put back on suspension and given the option to appeal only if there are circumstances other than those cited in the original appeal that explain the lack of academic progress.


To appeal, the student must complete a financial aid appeal form and submit an unofficial transcript. If the appeal is approved, the student will be on financial aid probation for a semester. At the end of the semester another review will be completed. If the student does not meet the standards again, they will not be eligible for financial aid. The student may appeal to have their financial aid reinstated; however, the explanation cannot be the same as the first appeal. The student has the option of being placed on an academic plan.

Academic Plans

An academic plan outlines requirements a student must meet for a period of time. The academic plan may cover several semesters. The academic plan will be reviewed at the end of the fall and spring semesters. If the student is meeting the requirements of the academic plan, the student will remain eligible for financial aid. If the student is not meeting the requirements, financial aid will be revoked, but the student will have an option to appeal.

Code of Conduct for Private Education Loans

Students or parents may borrow from the lending institution(s) of their choice based on the criteria that they believe are most relevant and important to their situation. McPherson College does not make lender recommendations; however, upon request the college will make available a list of the 5–10 lenders selected most often by students and parents in past years.

  • McPherson College does not have any revenue-sharing arrangements with any lenders.
  • McPherson College and its employees do not accept any gifts from lenders, other than gifts of de minimis value such as coffee mugs, pens, holiday foods, etc.
  • McPherson College employees may not accept travel expense reimbursement, lodging, or compensation from lenders.
  • McPherson College does not use employees of lenders to represent the college in connection with financial aid matters, and we do not give permission for employees of lenders to represent themselves as employees of McPherson College.
2020|03 Financial Information, Catalog 20-21|